Our consulting approach to organizations and communities focuses on “reweaving the fabric of social relationships that have been torn apart by various expressions of conflict and violence".  We assist in refining request for development and engagement and support clients in designing strategies where sustainability and continuity of development may be compromised by loss or change in leadership.

Strategic Collaboration & Research

Our work supports and builds the capacity of groups to respond to economic, social and political realities as collaborators and safe harbors for the emergence of collective intelligence in order to work together. The T.E.A. conversation process creates self-awareness and heals relationships among participants so they become motivated to collaborate. We use opportunities of engagement for research and evaluation purposes to improve the delivery quality of our services and for publishing.

conversation design, Facilitation & Community engagement

We have created a conversation framework for building trust which inform our conversation designs. The use of elements from a number of emerging and transformative methodologies which inform the framing of the conversations also includes culturally relevant engagement. The use of culturally sensitive techniques developed by T.E.A. based on a variety of experiential group interactions re-frames the use of many different methodologies for cultural appropriateness. Our facilitators are skilled in facilitating issues ranging from democratic engagement, race and immigration,  violence and community dissonance to implementing  and mediating restorative processes. Our facilitation process use principles of engagement that support understanding across difference. We are skilled in facilitating conversations where there is high emotional volatility and varied perspectives. 


Our coaching teams are practitioners in the fields of education, social work, organizational development and community organizing. All of our coaches are experienced and active in their fields. We conduct individual and group coaching based on participants questions and experiences in the social environment and provide support based on what participants bring to their particular domain for living, learning, working and playing. 


Seminars and Workshops

Our seminars and workshops are conducted by internationally recognized presenters who provide significant education and transformative practices to individuals, organizations and communities to support the varied experiences people have from natural human occurrences. We facilitate shifting of consciousness to support participants towards claiming their own personal power to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. We provide a unique reflective experience with ones' self and others that realigns who participants are in the purpose of their life. We acknowledge shifting roles, assist in flight when the ground is moving, inspire the imagination beyond resignation, mistrust, frustration, anger, sadness and confusion.

Education courses

We learn and are led by the people we work with to develop education courses appropriate for professional and community needs. We provide education advantages that cannot be accessed through employee training or university curriculum offerings, due to content constraints, cost and flexibility issues.  We provide courses that support the development of professionals at all levels of the educational continuum. We specialize in delivering specific discipline content and social emotional development for professionals serving in the urban context. Our projects are not only academic endeavors, but experiential endeavors that connect practice to what is being learned in the work and living settings using real world situations.

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