Conversation workshops

A Series of Conversations

We bring people together to talk about what’s happening in their lives and why it matters to the whole community.

Instead of bringing an outside agenda, we cultivate conversations around the needs and interests of the community. Our conversational workshops set up a framework for honest, healing dialogue to ultimately ignite positive change within a community.

Workshops are designed to create community conversations around specific topics relevant to community members. Most workshops are structured in a 3-6 part series. Topics include:

  • Restorative Practices - How can we restore harmony and understanding between individuals, within families and in communities?

  • Trauma - What kind of trauma has occurred, and how can we heal the negative effects caused by trauma?

  • Advocacy - How can parents and teachers advocate for young people, and how can young people advocate for themselves?

  • Connecting Conversations - What questions and methods generate building trust and healing in individuals, families and the community and how do we cultivate our gifts to energize social and economic transformation?