From empty places to healing spaces

Transformative Education Associates

From empty places to healing spaces.

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Food for Practice

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Our Mission

Inspire. Engage. Cultivate.

Transformative Education Associates (The TEA Group), founded in 2006, is a community engagement, professional development and research group organized to facilitate, educate, and bridge relationships between human service providers and the people they serve in urban environments. We create spaces where dialogue is a process of giving and receiving, educating, and imagining, recognizing and facilitating differences that matter for the people being served.

  • Create communities where people are inspired by the way they see themselves and others through the eyes of compassion

  • Encourage neighbors to share and engage in conversations of healing and connection

  • Cultivate individuals to know their gifts of goodness to transform communities and institutions from empty places into healing spaces. (read more)

We exist to support people living in economically poor communities feel and know that who they are matters and to create healing spaces that unleash each human beings’ capacity to be fulfilled, happy, loving, and joyous in their life.

What We Do

We advance the development of educators, parents, social workers, health care workers, community activist and other human service providers in realizing their own potential for being in the world as transformation agents within urban communities. We accomplish this goal through:

  • Courses

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

  • Coaching

  • Lectures

The purpose is to create spaces where we respect the knowledge and experience of one another.  Where we inspire with our shared stories and engage each other in clearing obstacles and cultivating our caring nature to touch the lives of all who we encounter.


Love in Action

Love is a mighty power. Love without actions is impotent. The motive and capacity to take care of another person is not the same thing as feeling care for that person.  Care as love in action holds the potential to change the world. When we are "caring for" other's, it does not mean that we feel obligated to "take care of" them.  If we channel our caring activity towards what those being cared for need and not what we think they need, then we can care about other's well being without judgement and provide what they actually need.  

The challenge is between caring for others and taking care of other's in ways that does not deny each person's capacity for self-agency and in ways that support and develop their strengths and abilities.   

The choice to put love into action by questioning our caring behavior and checking for how it brightens the other persons day, how it gives you a deep sense of satisfaction, rather than how you accomplished your goals, can change the relationship. When we express care throughout our day-to-day interactions, then we can experience love in actions


False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is a powerful emotion: whether you’re experiencing a sense of self-doubt, rejection or uncertainty, finding the courage to do what is good can feel daunting. But when you take the leap to spread goodness in your community – whether it is volunteering, speaking out about a problem or cause, launching a new initiative, or reaching out for help – you will find a little bit of courage can go a long way.

Love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant.
— Deepak Chopra

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