From empty places to healing spaces

Conversations create space for possibility.

Together, we have the power to make change in our communities, starting with one conversation.


We empower people to revitalize their own communities, starting with a conversation about the concerns most important to them. Through TEA Group conversations, people start to connect their experiences with each other and build support within their own communities.

We know that people in economically depressed communities are busy trying to take care of their families despite tight budgets and stressful situations. These challenges bring tremendous emotional stress that make people feel alone in their struggles.

Common challenges and life situations include:

  • Lack of quality education

  • Gun violence

  • Health concerns and access to health care

  • Need for quality jobs with fair pay

  • Grandparents raising grandchildren

What matters to you matters to us. 


The TEA Group Mission

From empty places to healing spaces.

We turn people’s unique experiences into forces for positive change within their own communities.

Together, all members of a community can revitalize homes, schools and neighborhoods to be supportive, thriving, and healing spaces.


TEA Group Resources


Our workshops spark authentic conversation.

We bring people together to talk about what’s happening in their lives and why it matters to the whole community.

Instead of bringing an outside agenda, we cultivate conversations around the needs and interests of the community. Our conversational workshops set up a framework for honest, healing dialogue and the power to make change.

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Conversation workshops

A Series of Conversations

Workshops are designed to create community conversations around specific topics relevant to community members. Most workshops are structured in a 3-6 part series.

Restorative Practices

How can we restore harmony and understanding between individuals, within families and in communities?


What kind of trauma has occurred, and how can we heal the negative effects caused by trauma?


How can parents and teachers advocate for young people, and how can young people advocate for themselves?

Connecting Conversations

What questions and methods generate building trust and healing in individuals, families and the community and how do we cultivate our gifts to energize social and economic transformation?


It felt good to talk about our roles, our why, and our vision for Chester Made moving forward.
— Taylor Tolton, Program and Communications Associate, Pennsylvania Humanities Council
Thank you so much, Fatima, for bringing out the best in all of us and making a space for us to honestly dialogue and explore next steps. I appreciated our time with you today, and I know that the whole team did as well.
— Laurie Zierer, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Humanities Council

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Our closed Facebook group is a free, 24/7 support group made up of individuals just like you.

In our Facebook conversation group, you’ll find a support network of people facing challenges just like you. You can ask questions and share your experiences with other people who care about the same things you do.