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CUSD Course Schedule

9:30 AM09:30

Session Two: Dissent

Primary Conversation Topic

Dissent: Establishing how and what we want and don’t want from the engagement or what we expect and have apprehensions about- giving people the space to say no. 

Group Development Engagement

Harmonizing of Motivations: Cultivating listening skills to hear the individual and community voice; cultivating transparency; honoring all 

Trauma Informed Education and Response Development:

  • Human Response to Trauma
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Emotion Event Episode Response
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9:30 AM09:30

Session One: Invitation

Primary Conversation Topic

Invitation: Hospitality is created; naming the possibility for coming together; clear about who and why they are being invited; clear request; and requirement for attending. 

Group Development Engagement

Contract: Building a collective of individuals who will identify and work on specific issue within the community through continuous cycle of agreement and consent development. 

Trauma Informed Education and Response Development

  • Core Research
  • Centrality of Trauma
  • ACE Study and “Body Up” Healing Lesson
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