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Parent Workshop


The concentration of poverty, violence and other structural and systemic causes targets people who are economically poor and have experienced long term traumatic events.  The people who are impacted by structural and systemic violence many times are blamed for the conditions that they live in. The society and its history creates and supports perceptions of who is criminalized and its impact on the quality of life and education that people of color and economically poor white people receive in the U.S. The School to Prison Pipeline is now being acknowledged and linked to the ways in which the educational system has morphed in its' mission to equalize the playing field in the economic and social landscape of America

This Parent engagement workshop will provide us with an opportunity to view a video panel discussion together and identify if this matters to us.  and what is possible in our learning and acting together to address the issues raised about our children.

This video can support our initiating a conversation and creating actions to engage the whole school community in creating a conversation for connection and change.   

Earlier Event: December 7
Parent Workshop