Workshop: Creating Community conversations for connections

Together, we explore what our true gifts are,how to cultivate our abilities and connect who and what matters to our living.


TEA Conversations create space for connections and relationship building that generate trust in the self and others. The conversations are framed from six major reference questions with different group development processes and methods applied.

We engage individuals, families and communities in conversations that transform and HEAL past patterns of pain and suffering by changing the conversation.

SIX Conversations: (link)







Education is being transformed to encompass the whole being.


Workshop: Restorative Justice

What does it mean to restore, and specifically to restore our humanity?


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  • Workshop 1: What is restorative justice, and where does it come from?

  • Workshop 2: How do we do it? What is the practice of it?

  • Workshop 3: How do we get support in practicing restorative justice?