Doing Justice, Healing Trauma

Doing Justice, Healing Trauma:
The Role of Restorative Justice in Peacebuilding
Howard Zehr (2008)
Tracing the origins and evolution of the restorative justice movement, this paper
explores its relationship with the related frameworks of conflict transformation and
trauma healing, within the broader field of peacebuilding.
Over the last three decades, the conceptual framework and practices of restorative
justice have received wide currency internationally. For example, restorative justice was
used to help provide a conceptual framework for the mission of the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission in South Africa as well as for the Gacaca Tribunals in postwar
Rwanda. Exploring some of the learnings from the implementation of this
framework, the paper draws attention to a much-needed conversation between the
diverse yet related fields of conflict transformation, trauma healing and restorative
justice. Such a dialogue will not only facilitate a cross-fertilization of ideas, it will also
strengthen peacebuilding practice. In this context, the paper explores some of the
critical issues that lie ahead at this intersection as well as the areas of confluence and... Click Here for full article

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