Transformative Education Associates (The TEA Group), founded in 2006, is a community engagement, professional development and research group organized to facilitate, educate and bridge relationships between human service providers and the people they serve in urban environments. We create dialogue spaces where receiving and giving, educating and imagining, recreating and facilitating differences that matter is the goal.

Our community engagement work offers a specialized methodology that bring people together to create conversations for connection as they experience life and pursue personal, professional and community education goals. We specialize in developing constructive dialogues in democratic spaces where conflict, not violence, serves evolving social interactions and transformation.

We offer lectures, courses, seminars and workshops to connect and advance the development of educators, parents, social workers, health care workers, community activist and other human service providers in realizing their own potential for being in the world as transformation agents across borders of difference within urban communities.


The TEA Group use a conversation framework for building community trust. It is designed to improve the quality of connection for people, generate awareness about the impact of violence and the resulting trauma, give rise to hope and dignity, shift the tenor of conversations in the  communities being served and create the opportunity for its citizens to gain insights about themselves, others and all related community members.

Our theory of change reflects the intelligence, experience and knowledge of the people in a community as their content for engaging towards resolving issues that adversely affect the community. The framework is used to transform the emotional and intellectual presuppositions of the people who participate in the process. This is markedly different from more traditional notions of conversations about community change. This method focuses on process, shifting awareness and growth by creating space for conflicts to be heard without violence.

We deconstruct with participants conversations that are perpetually couched in blame, shame, naming (labeling) and the myriad of conscious and unconscious games that are played in the lives of people.  We believe that the external and internal conditions in a community that lead to unresolved issues of trauma is virtually invisible in the minds of the people but is all too present in the emotional life and norms of  cultural responses and behaviors. The design of these conversations begins the process of engaging people in an interruption of the unwanted normal.

Meet our Founders

  Fatima Hafiz Muid, PhD and   Onaje Muid, MSW, LMHC, FDLC

Fatima Hafiz Muid, PhD and Onaje Muid, MSW, LMHC, FDLC

Fatima Hafiz Muid, PhD

Dr. Hafiz’s has more than 30 years in the field of community engagement and education. As an academic, her research interests focus on emotions and teacher development in social spaces where issues of race, gender, class, ethnicity and nationality intersect. She works to bridge, communities, schools and universities across borders of difference. Her mastery in designing cross cultural conversations that foster people feeling supported in their ability to respond to situations effectively is esteemed. She has extraordinary skill with listening and facilitating conversations that foster transformation in challenging social interactions. She is committed to leaving people in love with who they are and the work they do... Full CV Click here

Onaje Muid, MSW, LMHC, FDLC

Onaje Muid, specializes in creating culturally appropriate, trauma informed, social justice human service approaches in organizations. His work is to restore well-being of oppressed populations who have been harmed through and in the pursuit of healing inter-generational historical trauma. His thirty year social work/counseling/administration career in the addictions field warranted his appointments to the New York State Association of Substance Providers Board; the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault Board; Columbia University School of Social Work, Community Participatory Research Board as well as his appointment to the School of Social Welfare at Stony Brook University's Alumni Board. Additionally, Mr. Muid has been accepted as a Fellow with the New York Academy of Medicine for outstanding long term work in the field of social work and human rights... Full CV click here

Fatima and Onaje share a private counseling service for individuals, couples and families at Muid and Muid Associates.