Founded in 2006

We work with individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, organizations and cities to engage communities, provide professional development, and conduct research. We create spaces for healthy dialogue that bridge relational differences in order to drive a lasting, positive impact upon individuals, organizations, and communities.  

We believe that all human beings have a right to share and process their hopes, dreams, fears, and pain. By unleashing the power of the human spirit, we unlock people’s capacity to have loving, fulfilling, and joyous lives.

We design and facilitate conversations, courses, seminars, workshops, coaching, and lectures, to connect and advance the development of educators, parents, social workers, health care workers, community activist and other human service providers in realizing their own potential for being in the world as transformation agents.

Dr. Fatima Hafiz Muid, Ph.D, CEO and Founder of TEA Group

Dr. Fatima Hafiz Muid, Ph.D, CEO and Founder of TEA Group


About the Founder

Hi, I’m Dr. Fatima Hafiz. Before I was the CEO of my own company, I was just a little girl who wanted to love and be loved and loved learning.

I fell into the trap just like many other urban young people: letting my circumstances dictate my choices.

My mother was only fourteen when she became pregnant with me. Her own mother–my grandmother–had gotten pregnant at nineteen and my mother was raised by my great-grandmother. My great-grandmother raised me. During my adolescent years, I came to live with my mother in an urban city and she had to be away at work more often than she was home.

From the moment I was born, I was already a part of a generational cycle.

When I had my own children, I came to realize my children needed more than just food and clothing. They needed me to be fully present with them, but I was still learning how to recognize the things they didn’t say aloud. In order to be fully present with them, I needed to encourage their budding gifts and catch warning signs in their behaviors. My offerings as a parent didn’t match exactly what society might have expected from me. But I’ll never forget the note my now-adult daughter wrote to me one Christmas.

“Mom, you may not have always been there in the way I needed you, but you have shown me how to pursue my dreams.”

In spite of all the ways I thought I failed as a parent, they learned from both my successes and failures. As I continued trying to be a better parent, I learned from my children. They have always been my greatest teachers.

Over the course of my life, I learned how to shatter the lies of feeling unloved, incapable, and trapped in my circumstances.